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Bargue and Cast Drawing 8 Week Class

Bargue and Cast Drawing 8 Week Class

Saturdays 2-4pm Beginning January 14th
Eight 2-Hour Sessions
Class Fee: $215

Example of a student Bargue Plate in progress.

The French Academies employed a method of teaching basic drawing skills to their beginning students in which they copied increasingly difficult lithographs from the Charles Bargue Drawing Course before moving on to drawing plaster casts. This method ensured a logical progression in difficulty from basic shape-making, measuring, and shading techniques from a flat reference to a three-dimensional reference. With these skills a student is prepared to apply this knowledge to drawing any subject and has a sound foundation to begin work in color.

This method is now commonly taught in today's ateliers throughout the world. In this class, we will learn and follow these techniques with the goal of producing at least 1 finished Bargue plate and 1 finished rendering of a cast from life. A variety of plates and casts, from simple to challenging, will be available to suit students at the beginner to advanced level. The techniques used can be learned by those with no drawing experience, yet can be challenging enough to drastically improve the work of the most experienced artists.